Laser marking technology is one of the largest applications in laser technology. Laseruna has various series marking equipment, meeting the needs of industrial automation production.

Laser welding is one of the important application of laser material processing technology. Laseruna is dedicated to precision welding solutions, customizing suitable models for customers.
Laser cutting is widely used in industry. Laseruna’s laser cutting series, laser power from 500 W to 4 000 W, greatly meet the needs of industrial production
There is not one single type of laser that can solve all the problems of material processing needs. Together with many years of experience in laser material processing, and our specialized engineers, no matter what kind of reuqirements, Laseruna can provide your company with the best laser solutions for your processing needs. Unlike other equipment providers, we target our research in certain type of industries, studying the products to see if our laser solutions can help them to improve efficiency and qualities of their production. We then tailor made our equipment to best fit your production needs.
To ensure that our company is keeping up with the ever changing technological advances, Laseruna is joining efforts with, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Harbin Instititue of Technology, Hong Kong University of Science of Technology and Maxphotonics Laboratory to tackle problems arise from material processing in various industries. Our main products are Laser marking, welding, cutting, heat treatment, cleaning and cladding. 

Laseruna provides system-level solutions to customers in different industries.

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